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Is Paper Really Dead?

on December 15, 2014

I’ve been reading Kristen Lamb’s book, Rise of the Machines: Human Authors in a Digital World, and something she wrote hit me right between the eyes.

“For the first time in human history, we have generations being born into a world where paper is a novelty and even a nuisance.”

Did that hit you, too?

Think about it.

Students are now writing their term papers on a laptop or tablet instead of spiral bound notebooks.


Students are using a touchscreen or stylus instead of #2 pencils and pens.

#2 pencil


Students are reading books on eReaders, tablets or phones instead of holding a well-loved title in their hot little hands.

Girl reading book


And we’ve already moved from handwritten letters, referred to as ‘snail mail,’ to electronic mail (emails) and texts.


Although I have embraced the electronic age, I will be sad to see my beloved spiral bound notebooks, #2 pencils and beautifully handwritten letters become a thing of the past. Something I will tell my future grandchildren about, as in, “Yes, I used to write with a stick of wood on thin pieces of wood. And I had to walk to school 5 miles, uphill both ways…” 🙂

So tell me, what will you miss?

(You can purchase Kristen Lamb’s book here or read her blog here.)


2 responses to “Is Paper Really Dead?

  1. lalumii says:

    In a way, I think it’s great that we can use other mediums… laptops and computers save time, energy, and resources. However, I can’t say that a Kindle will ever replace the feel (and even smell) of a book in my hands. We have a good balance at the moment, and though it is starting to become more rare, there are a lot of younger people who prefer paper and pencils and handwritten letters. As long as those communities can connect, I think we have a good thing going on!

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