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Which State Buys the Most Romance Novels?

on January 19, 2015

In the October 24, 2014, issue of Entertainment Weekly they posted the stats for romance sales in the United States.

California purchased 40% of romance sales in 2013 with New York and Pennsylvania (my home state) purchasing 30% each. Makes you wonder why California sales are the highest of all fifty states? Do they have more women than men, since women purchase 84% of all romance sales? Is it the warm and sunny climate that stirs those romantic desires?

California state

Delaware, D. C., Vermont, North & South Dakota, Hawaii, Arkansas and Wyoming all rank the lowest of 1% romance sales. These states are quite varied in size, population and climate so it’s harder to imagine the cause of the low sales percentage. Perhaps these states are male dominating (in population) or prefer a spine-chilling mystery or thriller to love and romance. We can’t even say they are not interested in romance because many mysteries and thrillers (not to mention other genres) do contain a romance among the characters.

Hawaii islands

The article also stated that romance novel sales totaled $1.08 billion! Second only to thrillers which totaled $1.09 billion.  Paperback sales still topped the list with 51% but ebooks are gaining with 38% of sales.

So what did I gain from all these stats? That America still loves a good love story! So bring on the muscle clad heroes. Bring on the heart pounding desire and sensual touches. America, like me, will soak it up whether in paperback or ebook format.

guys chest

How about you? Do you read/buy romance novels? Or do you prefer another genre but will take a romance among the characters?




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