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4 Ways to Make Summer Last Longer

on July 29, 2015

Are you like me? I look forward to summer all winter long then when it finally arrives, it speeds by in a flash. Every October I say, “Where did the summer go? I must have blinked and missed it.” Of course you people in more tropical regions do not have this trouble (or at least not to the extent that we in the northern regions do). But until I can pack up my extended family and move south, I will constantly be looking for ways to make my summer last longer.

Here are 4 ways that I have found to help stretch out your summer months:

  1. Concentrate on one day at a time. Try to enjoy some kind of summer activity every single day.  Eat a picnic lunch, go to the beach, take a walk or even spend the evening barefoot. Any little activity that you associate with summer will boost that day into a “summer day.” Looking at summer as 150 days rather than 20 weeks or 5 months makes it sound longer. reading on the beach
  2. Which leads me into my next point – Steal some days from Spring and Fall. I don’t go by the calendar which designates summer between June 20 and September 23 (2015). I use my own calendar which basically says summer goes from May 1st to September 30. Hey, I’ll squeeze out any days I can to add to my summer 🙂
  3. Schedule your projects. If you’re a planner like me, you will need to schedule the projects you wish to accomplish in the summer months or you will find yourself in October saying, “I didn’t get anything done this summer.” Take a calendar and block out time for power-washing the deck, repainting the fence, or whatever projects you need done. In October, you will feel happier about summer if you can look back at the fun you had and all the things you accomplished.
  4. Wear your summer apparel not matter what. At the beginning of this summer we had some very cool days, but I still wore my shorts. I would be wrapped up in an afghan but I REFUSE TO WEAR PANTS IN SUMMER. It’s just not right. Summer means shorts, tank tops and bare feet. All winter long I am covered from head to toe in layers of clothes so summer is my time to let my skin breath. bikini

Well, those are my ideas for making summer last longer. I would love to hear anyone else’s ideas or thoughts.


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