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Cat Travel: Neko Maru Cat Cafe – 猫まるカフェ Ueno Part 5 – Cats in boxes

on March 8, 2016

I love cats in boxes. Our Aggie Girl has several different boxes around the house. Which is your favorite cat-in-a-box?


Hi everyone,

Welcome to our fith and last post in the Neko Maru cat series. It’s been extremly challenging to choose our favourites hence the many parts. And I am sure you agree that cats in boxes deserved it’s own dedicated section! 🙂

To start of the post a tranquil cat in a box! As we all know this is the FAVOURITE position of most cats hehe.

And being a cat cafe you can of course do a whole series just on cats in boxes! 😀

Mr Grey was back for a stay in a box too. 🙂

Or inside a round ball inside a box? Now thats an extra level! LOL

So much fluff… so much cuteness. It hurts!

Or napping cats. 😉

Which are of course no less adorable.

Is he contemplating his dinner? If only we’d know what cats think sometimes!

To be continued in Part 6 the…

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