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Why I Love The Comma

on September 23, 2016

Saturday, September 24th, is Punctuation Day! Let’s hear it for all of us that love our written communication!


Do you remember learning sentence structure in school? I loved that! Picking apart the sentence to its very basic elements. It probably went along with my early love for reading and writing.

Of all the punctuation, I think the comma is one of the most important. Without it, there will only be miscommunication. A well placed comma can make a difference in understanding.

For instance:

  • Let’s eat Grandpa. (Unless you’re planning on sauteing your Grandpa for dinner, you will need to use a comma – Let’s eat, Grandpa.)
  • I love her period. (Either the man really loves the woman and just forgot the comma or…we’ll leave that one alone. Use: I love her, period.)

So what’s your favorite punctuation mark? Or any other examples of miscommunication?

Happy Punctuation Day, everyone! Go out and write something 🙂


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