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What To Do With Old Books

on February 6, 2017

If you’re a book lover like me, it goes against the grain to throw away an old book – any book. So then you have the dilemma of what to do with all those books…

Book page art to the rescue!

book page art

Book page art is recycling an old book into something new and creative. If you’re a book lover you will consider book-themed art most beautiful:) There are tons of ideas and instructions for folding and cutting books into art on the Internet.

book page art

If you are artistically talented, you can paint on book pages then frame them for your walls or give as gifts.

Or how about using them in sculptures…

book page art - sculpture

This sculpture may be an extreme example, but hey, if you have the room – go for it. However, the Internet has many ideas of smaller, more practical sculpture ideas.

Time to unpack that box of old books in the attic, the books you inherited from Old Granny Miller or books you rescued from a used book sale. See how many ideas you can come up with to reuse & recycle those old books.

Here are some Internet sites to get you started:

How to Print On Book Pages

RePurpose Old Books

Book Folding

Vintage Book Crafts

If you’re one of us pinners on Pinterest, you will find loads of book page art ideas.

Here’s my Book Page Art board.

Let me know how it goes…



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