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Stranded In A Library

on March 16, 2017

If I was to become stranded, and it couldn’t be on an uninhabited island with ex-spy Michael Weston,

Michael Weston

Michael Weston from TV show, Burn Notice

then my next choice would be a library. Shelves of books, floor to ceiling, neatly arranged and alphabetized (which appeals to my neatness side), just begging to be read and enjoyed.


NYC Library

Whispering voices, the scent of old books and art work gracing the walls. Libraries are like candy stores, to me. How can you enter a library and not walk out with an armful of books and magazines?


University of Madison Wisconsin Library

Beautiful architecture inside and out, marble staircases and soft lighting make for a soothing atmosphere conducive to reading.


McCord Memorial Library, North East, PA – I worked here for nine years.

I can lose a couple of hours in a library as easy as breathing, ask my husband 🙂 Even when we go traveling, I like to visit the local libraries.


Free Library of Philadelphia


Orange County Public Library, Hillsborough, NC

No matter if the library is  a century-old stone building, a decade-old modern building or a tiny mailbox-like building…


they are all the same with friendly, helpful staff and bursting at the seams with knowledge, entertainment and learning.

Where would you like to be stranded?


One response to “Stranded In A Library

  1. Sounds wonderful Diane, me too!


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