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Hong Kong Treasure

Hong Kong Treasure

A deadly Philippines typhoon stole Annie’s memory.

Now, can a handsome Chinese stranger save her from the danger she has forgotten?


Hong Kong Treasure book cover


Deshi Han, Hong Kong’s biggest martial arts actor and director, thinks a serious relationship would hamper his career and charity works. Then on a charity trip to the Philippines, after a typhoon, he agrees to take a young American woman with complete memory loss, back with him to rest and recover.

Once back in Hong Kong, Deshi reluctantly allows the young woman, whom he names Annie, to accompany him to the movie sets and on his trips across China. Despite his attempts to remain aloof with Annie, a budding romance develops between them.

Meanwhile, Annie is troubled by nightmares, which reveal a danger lurking from her past, and a member of Deshi’s crew plotting to remove her from his life. Deshi is forced to change his work schedule often to protect Annie, confirming his belief about relationships and careers.

But when it looks like Deshi will lose Annie, and he risks all to save her, will it be too late?


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“Hong Kong Treasure is a unique love story entangled with intrigue and suspense.

D Dominik Wickles captures a true treasure in itself from start to finish.”

Cheryl Bricker

“Hong Kong Treasure is a fun new book that combines mystery, romance,

and an exotic location! The book is well written, with a plot and characters

that make it extremely enjoyable. I loved being able to transport to different cities

in Asia that I’ve never visited (but now want to!). Deshi and Annie’s relationship is very cute

and I think that anyone who enjoys Romance (and travel) would love this book.”

Jillian Howison

“There are some things you can’t teach a writer and one of those is the “storytelling gift,”

which I define as the ability to draw readers in and provide them with an experience

so realistic and true that it can be mistaken for a memory. In other words, some writers

come to the craft and others are born into that craft. You can teach grammar, structure

and other elements of fiction-writing, but you can’t teach the “gift” – the innate ability

to tell a great story. D. Dominik Wickles was born to be a writer and her love of fiction

and writing shines through on every page.She has that storytelling gift.

In Hong Kong Treasure, D. Dominik Wickles puts a fresh spin on the amnesic love story,

and pairs it with an excellent female villain and a whole lot of mystery.

Her characters are fresh and the settings are exotic. This is a first-rate novel

that will sweep you off your feet and take you on an adventure.

I can’t wait to see what’s next!”

Nicole Galloway Miller

To purchase Hong Kong Treasure: contact me

Hong Kong Treasure book cover


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