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Inspirational Quote # 793

I have to be a storyteller to get the stories out of my head. What about you?

Today, You Will Write

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I’m Interviewed by Valerie Ullmer

This month I was very fortunate to be interviewed by a fellow romance author, Valerie Ullmer, on her blog.

Hong Kong Treasure

To read the interview and more of Valerie’s posts:

Book Feature & Author Interview

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An Inspirational Quote from BrainyQuote.com


Image & quote courtesy of BrainyQuote.com

If you haven’t read Malala’s book, I am Malala, you are definitely missing a great read.

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Are You a Cross-Genre Reader?

You know the genres: romance, science fiction, new age, mystery, inspirational…

books on shelves

Well, what about those books that dance across genre borders dipping their fictional toe in the churning waters? The mysteries that have romantic sleuths, the fantasy that includes a lifelong adventure quest or the inspirational novel with suspense. If one genre element is good then two should be outstanding!

My favorite cross-genres:

  • Romance & Mystery
  • Mystery & Romance
  • Romance & Suspense
  • Historical & Romance
  • Adventure & Mystery
  • Mystery & Historical
  • Historical & True Crime

What are some of your favorite cross-genres?

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Inspirational Quote # 231

This quote describes me. What about you?

Today, You Will Write


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Stranded In A Library

If I was to become stranded, and it couldn’t be on an uninhabited island with ex-spy Michael Weston,

Michael Weston

Michael Weston from TV show, Burn Notice

then my next choice would be a library. Shelves of books, floor to ceiling, neatly arranged and alphabetized (which appeals to my neatness side), just begging to be read and enjoyed.


NYC Library

Whispering voices, the scent of old books and art work gracing the walls. Libraries are like candy stores, to me. How can you enter a library and not walk out with an armful of books and magazines?


University of Madison Wisconsin Library

Beautiful architecture inside and out, marble staircases and soft lighting make for a soothing atmosphere conducive to reading.


McCord Memorial Library, North East, PA – I worked here for nine years.

I can lose a couple of hours in a library as easy as breathing, ask my husband 🙂 Even when we go traveling, I like to visit the local libraries.


Free Library of Philadelphia


Orange County Public Library, Hillsborough, NC

No matter if the library is  a century-old stone building, a decade-old modern building or a tiny mailbox-like building…


they are all the same with friendly, helpful staff and bursting at the seams with knowledge, entertainment and learning.

Where would you like to be stranded?

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What To Do With Old Books

If you’re a book lover like me, it goes against the grain to throw away an old book – any book. So then you have the dilemma of what to do with all those books…

Book page art to the rescue!

book page art

Book page art is recycling an old book into something new and creative. If you’re a book lover you will consider book-themed art most beautiful:) There are tons of ideas and instructions for folding and cutting books into art on the Internet.

book page art

If you are artistically talented, you can paint on book pages then frame them for your walls or give as gifts.

Or how about using them in sculptures…

book page art - sculpture

This sculpture may be an extreme example, but hey, if you have the room – go for it. However, the Internet has many ideas of smaller, more practical sculpture ideas.

Time to unpack that box of old books in the attic, the books you inherited from Old Granny Miller or books you rescued from a used book sale. See how many ideas you can come up with to reuse & recycle those old books.

Here are some Internet sites to get you started:

How to Print On Book Pages

RePurpose Old Books

Book Folding

Vintage Book Crafts

If you’re one of us pinners on Pinterest, you will find loads of book page art ideas.

Here’s my Book Page Art board.

Let me know how it goes…


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A New Year, A New State

Well, as my previous post stated, we have moved from Pennsylvania down to North Carolina. So we have a new year in a new state; many new places to explore and new experiences to experience. I can’t wait to get started!

The Mountains have:


  • camping
  • hiking
  • scenic views
  • zip lines
  • state parks
  • Biltmore Estate

The Triangle has:

Durham NC

  • museums
  • historical sites
  • lakes
  • shopping
  • festivals
  • zoos

The Coastline has:


  • beaches
  • lighthouses
  • camping
  • shopping
  • fishing
  • aquariums

2017 will be full of new things for me. What will it be full of for you?

I wish everyone a prosperous New Year with new experiences and activities. Be sure to let me know what they are in the comments 😉

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Successful Move to North Carolina

I’ve been quiet on this blog for a little while because, if you follow me on Twitter and Facebook  you already know, my husband and I have pulled up stakes from Pennsylvania and moved south to North Carolina. We are beginning the section of our lives called “empty nesters” with one son finished with college and the other halfway through college.

We sold our house that we lived in and raised our family for 30 years.


We are planning to downsize from a four bedroom house to a one story, two or three bedroom house. I don’t want to clean such a big house anymore 🙂


We packed up our stuff (after de-cluttering and making ten donation trips to the local thrift store), drove south through the mountains of West Virginia & Virginia and two tunnels to sunny North Carolina.

NC sign

After driving for eight hours this sign was a welcome sight!

Now we are settled into our temporary home until we find a house to buy and put down roots again.

apartment house

No more five months of winter with snow piles reaching from three to five feet tall. No more shivering with temps in the single digits. And I’m looking forward to experiencing a Christmas Parade, which is unheard of up north 🙂

The only glitch in our otherwise smooth move was the untimely death of our beloved Aggie Girl. RIP sweetheart. We miss you!


Has anyone else made a big move? What were your experiences? I’d love to hear about it.

To read other posts on moving or North Carolina:

What Does The Mountains Say To You?

Selling Your House Is Like Picking Your Nose In Public 

Relax At The Zoo To Help De-Stress


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Why I Love The Comma

Saturday, September 24th, is Punctuation Day! Let’s hear it for all of us that love our written communication!


Do you remember learning sentence structure in school? I loved that! Picking apart the sentence to its very basic elements. It probably went along with my early love for reading and writing.

Of all the punctuation, I think the comma is one of the most important. Without it, there will only be miscommunication. A well placed comma can make a difference in understanding.

For instance:

  • Let’s eat Grandpa. (Unless you’re planning on sauteing your Grandpa for dinner, you will need to use a comma – Let’s eat, Grandpa.)
  • I love her period. (Either the man really loves the woman and just forgot the comma or…we’ll leave that one alone. Use: I love her, period.)

So what’s your favorite punctuation mark? Or any other examples of miscommunication?

Happy Punctuation Day, everyone! Go out and write something 🙂

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